Queen City Eye and Ear Control

Gérard Grisey - “Périodes”, Movement 2 from “Les espaces acoustiques” (1974)

Grisey and the other spectralists are making all of the important music right now.

Leonard Cohen - Avalanche

You who wish to conquer pain,
You must learn, learn to serve me well.

Just grab ‘em in tha biscuits.

Sarah Vaughan w/ Clifford Brown performing Kurt Weill’s September Song.

Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey


Well, it seems that this is what I will be doing during my free time for the next year or so. Feel free to join in. The book can be purchased here:


"There is a parable of Kafka’s about a man living in a country where he doesn’t know the rules. Nobody will tell him what they are. He knows neither right nor wrong, but he observes that the rulers do not share his anxiety. From this he deduces that rules are for those who rule. What they do is the rule. That’s why all my knowledge doesn’t make me understand what Mozart did that I should also do in order to reach a state of artistic grace"

- Morton Feldman